Invitasjon til studie for allmennleger

TIL ALLMENNLEGER: Teksten under er en invitasjon til en studie og et DELPHI-panel fra EFSUMB sentralt som angår de som er interesserte i UL i primærhelsetjenesten. Se på invitasjonsteksten og meld eventuelt din interesse via QR-koden!

We invite medical doctors, who have experience with performing ultrasound examinations in the primary care setting, to participate in a research project including a Delphi process. Our aim is to establish an EFSUMB ultrasound core curriculum for frontline physicians working in primary care.

If you are an experienced ultrasound user and teacher, you will have accumulated valuable experience as to which ultrasound scanning examinations are easy to learn and master, and which ultrasound scans require more training and experience. Such experience is important to the ultrasound community, and we therefore hope you will wish to share your knowledge with us.

For this research project, we will assemble a Delphi panel of ultrasound-experienced primary care doctors from 40 European countries. If you wish to be considered for the Delphi panel, you will need to answer a short questionnaire (please see QR Code or link below) so that we may determine if you meet our eligibility criteria. Many thanks for your time.